IMAGEBEARERS – your friend in business. We exist to make your life easier by helping you with your online presence and marketing while you do what you do best. We also source promotional clothing and accessories on which to put your branding.

Many people know that their online presence is important, but don’t have the time or the know-how to get it done. Contact us for a free chat, and we’ll help paint a clearer picture for you.


We are in the business of building basic, yet professional-looking websites. Our desire is to build a relationship with you and continue to do the ongoing maintenance of the site. In this way your website will always be up to date and will be an accurate reflection of who you are. Do you know whether your website is working for you? Are people finding your site? How many clicks? Are people browsing your site with laptops, tablets, or mobile phones? From which countries? At what time of day? These statistics can inform your marketing decisions. As one of our clients we will feed you with this information on a regular basis.

Social Media Management

Potential clients are searching for products and services online. Let’s create a better image for you on social media, linking it to your professional-looking website. Do you advertise on Google, Facebook, and / or Instagram? Let us look at doing this together. Again, we will track the stats while you go about your business. One of our core functions is to assist you with your online marketing on an ongoing basis.

Branded Corporate Wear & Accessories

We can source and supply personalised, branded clothing and accessories tailored to your corporate needs. Your brand is important. Wear it proudly. See our range of products at